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oversea sales representative

Job Duites:

(1) Existing customers follow up and new customers developing.
(2) Old customer maintenance, solution providing to meet their needs.
(4) Handle the international business documents
(5) Communicate with different functioning departments to coordinate relationships between
            customers and company;
(6) Weekly report on current performance and forward forecast, analyze current situations
            and develop solution to break through;


(1) Extremely fluent with English, to pass TEM8 will be preferred;
(2) bachelor degree or above;
(3) At least 2 years working experience in international sales field, ‘hotel amenity Sales
            Experience’ will be preferred;
(4) Experience in key account management and international trade
(5) Excellent in office software using;
(6) Be sensitive to market and customer demand, quick response to market signals;
(7) Customer-oriented, basic knowledge of how to do customer service;
(8) Active, self-encouraged, teamwork, and responsibility-oriented work attitude;