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The 6 Shanghai Hotel Equipment Supplies Exhibition

Time: 28-30 September, 2010

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

Organizer: Guangdong Fo Xing Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd

Exhibition Catagories:
1. Tourism Equipment:
Entertainment equipments, Tourism traffic vehicle, Scenic spot equipments

2. Outdoor Camping Articles:
Golf appliances, Outdoor leisure articles, Climbing articles, Camping articles, Outdoor sports articles

3. Hotel Equipment:
Hotel appliances, Hotel decoration supplies, Hotel articles of daily use

4. Garden & Gardening:
Gardening tools, Gardening equipments

5. Tourism Fashion Products:
Digital products, Clocks & watches, Glasses, Cosmetics, Cases & bags, Fashion jewelry

6. Tourism Attire:
Professional clothing, Leisure clothing, Special clothing

7. Tourism Souvenirs:
Crafts, National and religion products, Local tourist souvenirs, Stationery

8. Tourism Food:
Leisure food, Aviation food, Local specialties, Health care and functional food

9. Tourism Products Design and R&D Outcome Show:

Negotiation and Communication for Tourism Investment,Exhibition of Tourism Planning and Designing Institutions